About the newsletter

My newsletter is a platform for sharing my projects, thoughts, and learnings and making it easier for others to follow along.

I will write about topics such as:

  • Programming

  • AI

  • Web development

  • AWS

  • Devops

  • Productivity

  • Tools for thought

  • Logseq

  • Health

  • Gaming

  • Personal stuff

I already take detailed notes as a part of my learning process, so I’ve decided to go the extra mile and publish them online, where they’ll hopefully be helpful to others. Taking notes is more motivating when I know others may benefit from them.

As I write the newsletter, I’ll use Logseq – a great outliner writing tool for organizing ideas. I’ll write my notes in Logseq, write a commentary in “newsletter” form, publish the notes and newsletter on this site, and email them to subscribers using Substack

I hope that by sharing my work, I can be part of a conversation, learn from others, and help those interested in any of the topics mentioned above.

You can read all the newsletters and blog posts on this site or subscribe to the newsletter on substack to get them delivered to your inbox.

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